Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a Physiotherapy / Sports massage treatment?

An initial consultation takes place on the first session, this is to make sure that treatment is indicated and to gather basic personal information. We will carry out an assessment on the area, gather history about the issue and some medical history from yourself. We will then carry out an objective assessment of the area which varies issue to issue.

Each session will include a session consultation, this is where we can discuss any issues and build a plan of what has changes since your previous session, if there are any new symptoms or any other injuries.. Treatment will then be carried out depending on how long the session is for and then we will discuss the treatment and discuss after care and even plan for the next session.

Is Physiotherapy / Sports Massage just for people who participate in sports and exercise?

No! Anyone can have and benefit from Physiotherapy and Sports Massage! It is used for any client with pain, injury and muscular dysfunction or as “maintenance” to keep the muscles healthy and in good working order.

Is Sports Massage painful?

No, not usually. If you just ran a marathon for example, we would know that you can’t take a lot of pressure on your legs. If we see you wincing or resisting the strokes, we would know to back off. A typical Sports Massage is a pleasurable experience, not a painful one.

What should I wear?

Ideally a short pair of shorts and t-shirt for the consultation depending on the area. Woman should wear a vest top if the area is upper back / Shoulder area. During a Sports Massage shorts should be worn, the client would need to be topless for a back massage. Treatment and massage can be performed through clothes if required.