Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise is planned bodily movements, postures, or physical activities which are intended to provide a patient with the means to:-

  • Reverse or prevent impairments
  • Improve, restore, or enhance physical function
  • Prevent or reduce health related risk factors
  • Optimise overall health status, fitness, or sense of well being

Therapeutic exercise prescribed by a physiotherapist are individualised to each patient and their unique needs.

Adherence to exercise plans create better results, therefore a discussion about each of the exercises, reasoning behind each and relevance will occur whenever exercises are prescribed.

A mutual agreement is made between client and physiotherapist for improved exercise adherence.

Physiotherapists should be seen as coaches for exercise prescription, tweaking things, delivering encouragement, progressing and regressing exercises when needed, and supporting the patient throughout, with the main amount of work coming from the patient.